About Us

The Brand

Makkaj is born from a dream to bring high quality products from Holy Makkah to the global market.

It embodies the passion and deep insight into the art of perfumery of its founders, Group Ajmal.

Like craftsmen and artists, Group Ajmal perfumers have  invested  unparalleled  research,  science,

and creativity into their Makkaj Fragrance Line. Each Makkaj Fragrance is an innovation founded

on more than 60 years of perfume expertise and delivered  as  modern  fragrances  that  will  surely

be heralded as timeless classics.


The Company

Group Ajmal, pioneer in the intricate art of perfumery in the Middle East, embarks on a new journey

with the vision of bringing the essence of the Holy Land  to  the  world  through  its  Makkaj  Fragrance

Line. Perfume  designers  at  Group  Ajmal  are  dedicated to  the  true  spirit  of  the  Holy  City  of  Makkah  and

use  only  the  highest  quality  of  ingredients,  strict production  standards,  and  modern  techniques  in

perfumery  to  deliver  an  elegant  collection  of  fragrances for both men and women.

Discover  the Makkaj  Fragrance  Line  and  let  your senses  open  up  to  different  worlds  of  sensual, irresistible,

and joyful harmony Olfactory experiences.

Mohd Fakhruddin Ajmal

Founder Director.